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House Democrats Ram Through A Continuing Resolution For Short-term Government Funding

House Democrats rammed through their Continuing Resolution for short-term government funding last night despite the fact that it cannot pass the Senate. As if this wasn’t bad enough, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats yielded to the anti-Semitic wing of their caucus, known as the Hamas Caucus, when they removed $1 BILLION in funding for Iron Dome, Israel's missile defense system.


  • Democrats suspended the debt ceiling until December 2022 and refused to drop their demands that Republicans give them a blank check debt limit increase to fund their massive and unprecedented spending binge.
    • In March, Democrats alone passed a $1.9 trillion “Covid relief” bill, even though $1 trillion was still unspent from previous bipartisan bills.
    • Currently, Democrats are moving forward with their $3.5 trillion tax and spend spree, again without any Republican support.
  • Yet yesterday, Speaker Pelosi expected Republicans to bail Democrats out and green light their out-of-control spending.
    • This is a problem created by Democrat spending. Democrats have total control of the government and the unilateral ability to raise the debt ceiling. Democrats will have to accept sole responsibility for their reckless tax and spend policies.

Let's be clear - the only reason we considered a Continuing Resolution is because the House Democrats failed to do their job. Earlier this year, rather than work together to fund the government, House Democrats forced through their partisan appropriations package which significantly increased funding for their Far-Left spending priorities but didn’t even bother to fund our military, secure our border, or support programs to fund law enforcement.

Now, House Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling to pay for their $3.5 TRILLION tax and spending spree, and other Socialist wish list policies. Democrats are responsible for the spending – they need to take responsibility for the borrowing.