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We Know Why Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Want To Talk About Numbers And Dollars

Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn't want to talk about "numbers and dollars,” when asked over the weekend about the House Democrats' reckless $4.3 TRILLION tax and spend bill.

When you look at what's inside, you’ll understand why Pelosi didn't want to discuss the details of the largest spending bill and tax increase in our nation's history.

House Democrats are now sending a $4.3 TRILLION bill to the floor to fund their Socialist wish list, blowing past the reckless $3.5 TRILLION dollars they were planning to spend.


  • $4.3 TRILLION in new spending.
  • $2.1 TRILLION in new taxes on American families and job creators.
    • This would be the largest tax increase in American history.
    • The tax increases would reduce American's wages by 1.1%.
  • If enacted, total NEW spending approved within 18 months will be more than the total combined annual wages of the American people.
  • $80 BILLION to the IRS to double the number of agents and target American families and businesses.
  • BILLIONS in tax breaks and handouts to the wealthy.

It's simple: At a time when inflation is skyrocketing because of House Democrats' out-of-control, they are attempting to ram through the largest spending bill and tax increase in our nation's history. This bill will kill American jobs and only make America's economic crisis WORSE.