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House Democrats Push For The Largest Tax Increase And Spending Package In Our History

House Democrats began floor debate on their Trojan Horse "infrastructure" bill last night. Now, MAKE NO MISTAKE; a vote for this so-called "infrastructure" bill is also a vote for the House Democrats' reckless $4.3 trillion tax and spend spree.

Together this is a $5.5 TRILLION package that will increase taxes, cause inflation to skyrocket, and make businesses in America less competitive.


  • $4.3 TRILLION in new spending in their tax and spend bill.
    • $2.1 TRILLION in new taxes on American families and job creators.
    • This would be the largest tax increase in American history.
    • The tax increases would reduce American's wages by 1.1%.
  • $1.2 TRILLION in additional spending and calls for $625 billion in NEW SPENDING in their so-called “infrastructure” bill.
    • CBO only shows $180 billion in pay-for offsets, roughly equating to a $400 billion shortfall.
    • This bill lacks significant reforms to the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the lengthy and costly project review process. Without reforms to NEPA, much-needed improvements to our roads, bridges, and highways will continue to be delayed and weighed down in bureaucratic red tape.
    • This “infrastructure” bill is a Trojan Horse. Pelosi continues to insist she will only bring the infrastructure bill once the Democrats' $4.3 trillion tax and spend spree bill is enacted.
    • Only $110 billion of the new spending in this bill goes towards roads, bridges, and major projects that the American people generally consider "infrastructure".

It's simple: A vote for the Democrats' Trojan Horse "infrastructure" bill is a vote for the largest spending package and the largest tax increase in American history. This bill will kill American jobs and only make America's economic crisis WORSE.