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10 Far-Left Policies Hidden In The Democrats’ Reckless $4.3 Trillion Tax And Spend Bill

The House Democrats’ $4.3 trillion tax and spend bill is the largest tax increase and the largest spending increase in our nation's history. It’s also filled with a wish list of Far-Left Socialist policies that are nothing more than “corporate welfare, cronyism, and corrupt political payoffs.”

Here is a list of 10 of the most outrageous Far-Left policies hidden in the bill:

  1. Funds abortions by ignoring bipartisan Hyde Amendment protections
  2. Props up the Green New Deal with $630 billion at the expense of small businesses
  3. Imposes $2.1 trillion in tax increases on American families and job creators
  4. Gives tax breaks and handouts to the wealthy and corrupt
  5. Creates a $250 tax deduction for union dues, putting more money into the pockets of union bosses.
  6. Creates a new surveillance program that allows the IRS to monitor and track every single bank transaction made without a warrant, permission, or limit.
  7. Provides $20 billion for the National Climate Bank to send kickbacks to radical environmentalists.
  8. Provides FAKE NEWS organizations with up to 750 employees with a tax cut at a time when their readership has declined due to their liberal bias.
  9. Impedes and bans domestic energy and mineral production, increasingour dependencies on resources supplied by OPEC, Russia, and China.
  10. Includes provisions that promote amnesty for more than 8 million illegal immigrants.

It’s simple: Not only does this bill impose the largest tax and spending increase in our nation's history, it’s also a Trojan Horse for House Democrats to force their Far-Left Socialist agenda on the American people.