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Democrats Are In Disarray As Pelosi Is Forced To Push “Infrastructure” Bill Vote

President Biden's agenda was dealt a "humiliating" blow last night after Speaker Nancy Pelosi was forced to cancel a vote on the Democrats' Trojan Horse "infrastructure" package due to the ongoing "Democrat civil war."

Pelosi's move to cancel the vote comes despite her previous promises that there would be a vote on the $5.5 TRILLION package by Thursday.

In a desperate attempt to save face, Pelosi sent out a Dear Colleague late last night in which she claimed it had been "a day of progress."

But, it's hard to see what "progress" has been made as the Far-Left Socialists wing of the Democrat Party is still pushing for their $5.5 TRILLION package a number that is a nonstarter for "moderate" Democrats.

Heck, Bernie Sanders, the Socialist Senator from Vermont even told reporters he would support a $10 TRILLION package late last night, making the two sides seem miles and trillions of dollars apart from each other.

Nevertheless, Pelosi left the Capitol early this morning telling reporters that "there will be a vote today."

REMEMBER: A vote for the Democrats' Trojan Horse "infrastructure" package is a vote for the largest tax increase and the largest spending package in American history that will increase taxes, cause inflation to skyrocket, and make businesses in America less competitive.

It is also a vote for a wish list of Far-Left Socialist policies that are nothing more than corporate welfare, cronyism, and corrupt political payoffs.