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Biden And Pelosi Are Pushing A Made In America Tax

America is in crisis.

Americans are paying more for almost everything while making less, the price of gas has skyrocketed, and we are in the midst of an unprecedented supply chain crisis.

Instead of addressing these crises, President Biden and Speaker Pelosi are pushing a “Made In America” tax in their Far-Left Socialist reconciliation package. This tax will only exacerbate the crises facing America.


  • The Made in America tax policy in this bill will drive up taxes on US firms and workers both at home and in every country they do business in around the world.
  • It would make America less competitive in the global marketplace.
  • This bill would also create a complex, parallel tax system that punishes investment in American production.
  • It permanently stops key domestic mineral development and allows China to continue to have a monopoly in the critical mineral market.

IT’S SIMPLE: Biden and Pelosi’s Made in America tax would make it better to be a foreign company or foreign worker than to be an American one. We should be building more products in America, not less, and this tax would prevent that from happening.