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Republicans Are Focused On Improving Capitol Security And Delivering For The American People While House Dems Play Partisan

America is in crisis. We face an economic crisis, a supply chain crisis, an energy crisis, a border crisis, and a COVID testing crisis. These crises are the direct result of President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s failed leadership and Far-Left Socialist agenda.

House Republicans were united in condemning the violence and destruction on January 6th, 2021. Just as House Republicans did throughout the crime wave throughout all of 2020.

House Democrats will do anything and everything they can to avoid talking about the issues that matter to the American people. Instead, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are focused on their illegitimate and partisan sham Select Committee on January 6th.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Pelosi and House Democrats are using their illegitimate and partisan sham Select Committee as a weapon to shred Constitutional precedents and punish their political opponents.

This partisan sham Select Committee is NOT focused on answering the most important questions surrounding the events of January 6th:

  • Why was the U.S. Capitol left unprepared that day?
  • How can we ensure this never happens again?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Why is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office the ONLY office that is off-limits from this partisan sham Select Committee’s investigation?
    • The American people deserve to know what the Speaker is hiding and what she is covering up.


  • As of today, House Democrats and Pelosi's Committee are no closer to finding out what led to the catastrophic security failure on January 6, 2021.
  • In the days following January 6, 202, Republicans issued preservation and production orders to the U.S. Capitol Police, the House Sergeant at Arms, the Architect of the Capitol, and the House Chief Administrative Officer for all documents related to the events of and the planning for January 6th.
    • The entities directly under the control of the Speaker, the Sergeant at Arms and Chief Administrative Officer, have refused to comply, thus blocking the necessary review of all communications between the Speaker’s office and law enforcement officials leading up to and on January 6th.
    • These records are necessary for our oversight, especially considering key assertions made by former United States Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund that he communicated with then-House Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving about preparations for January 6th.
  • Leader McCarthy appointed five Republicans to serve on the Select Committee. Speaker Pelosi took unprecedented action and refused to seat two of Leader McCarthy’s choices.
    • Since then, those Republicans have been hard at work conducting their own investigation to get answers for the American people.
  • The Capitol Police Inspector General has issued 104 recommendations for changes the department should implement post-January 6th but most have not been implemented.
  • The members of the Select Committee have wasted taxpayer dollars by spending months going after their political rivals and holding them in criminal contempt when they refuse to meet every demand of the Committee.
  • The Select Committee on January 6th’s Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson has said that the only office off-limits to their investigation is Speaker Pelosi’s office.
    • Unlike Senator McConnell, who has released all requested information and communications regarding Senate side security, Speaker Pelosi has refused to do so despite multiple requests.

BOTTOM LINE: Our Capitol is no more secure today than it was on January 6, 2021, and that is because of Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats’ inaction. House Democrats have been more interested in exploiting the events of January 6th for political purposes than in conducting basic oversight of the security vulnerabilities exposed that day.