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House Republicans Are Working To Prevent Another January 6th While House Dems Are Covering Up The Truth

House Republicans are interviewing United States Capitol Police (USCP) officers and other individuals with insight into the horrendous security failures at the Capitol that allowed the events of January 6, 2021, to happen because Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats have refused to act.

House Republicans were united in condemning the violence and destruction on January 6th, just as we were throughout the crime of 2020.

Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi has decided to weaponize the horrendous events of January 6th and create an illegitimate and partisan sham Select Committee. This isn’t just a sham Committee—Democrats are covering up the truth about what happened on January 6th.

That is why House Republicans are unified in conducting a thorough investigation into the events of January 6th to understand: Why was the U.S. Capitol left unprepared that day, and how can we ensure this never happens again?


  • Sources have explained to Republican investigators that there were significant personnel changes in critical roles after the November 2020 elections.
    • They were inexperienced but made significant changes right when they were hired and muddied the waters for their employees.
  • There continues to be no accountability and the personnel who made these disastrous policy changes remains in charge of the intelligence of our Capitol.
    • Over half a dozen top USCP officials got votes of no-confidence from the USCP union. Many by over 90%. Most still occupy high-level positions.
  • The head of the USCP union told Rep. Banks that his officers were ill-prepared, poorly trained in crowd control tactics, and in many cases, worse equipped than the rioters they were up against.


  • Intel failure: There were credible intelligence reports regarding threats to the Capitol weeks before January 6th and Capitol Police intel analysts warned their supervisor on multiple occasions but were ignored.
  • Preparation failure: The Capitol Police had expired riot shields and other faulty equipment.


1. This is a partisan and illegitimate Committee. 
  • Speaker Pelosi took the unprecedented step of blocking the participation of the Republicans that Leader McCarthy chose to serve on the Select Committee.
  • The Committee is not following its own charter:
    • The Committee’s charter says that it must have 13 members, it only has 9.
    • The charter says that the Committee must have a lawyer from the ranking minority member during a deposition—there is no ranking minority member and no staff appointed by the minority.
    • The Committee has even misled witnesses being questioned about the position of the attorney questioning them. Mollie Hemingway broke that news HERE.
  •  The Meadow’s lawsuit cites a Supreme Court ruling that to issue contempt citations a Select Committee must act in accordance with its own rules.
2. This is an abusive Committee whose mission is to harass and snoop on its political opponents. 
  • The FBI has found that there was no “organized plot” on 1/6, but the Committee has based its investigation on the conspiracy that there was an attempted insurrection,
  • The Committee has subpoenaed multiple individuals for the sole “crime” of organizing a first amendment protected political rally.
    • From their press release: “The committee used permit paperwork for the Jan. 6 rally to identify other individuals involved in organizing.”
  • The Committee issued a contempt citation for Mark Meadows despite repeated attempts to cooperate within the bounds of executive privilege.
  • The Committee has interviewed over 150 people, swept up geolocation data and call records of rally organizers and low-level Trump staffers, and even may subpoena sitting members of Congress.
3. This isn’t just a sham Committee—Democrats are covering up the truth about what happened on January 6. 
  • The Capitol Chief Police board which includes the Senate and House Sergeant at Arms and the Architect of the Capitol was slow to call National Guard assistance on 1/6 (pg. 62).
  • The Senate released a report and Pelosi’s House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving refused to comply with ANY information requests. From page 4of the Senate report.
    • These documents are the property of the House and Speaker Pelosi and Bennie Thompson could get them with an email—but they refuse!
    • Not surprising because Bennie Thompson has said that Speaker Pelosi is off limits
  • The Committee is not investigating the breakdown in security on the 6th, even though its charter requires it to.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Pelosi and House Democrats are using their illegitimate and partisan sham Select Committee on January 6th as a weapon to shred Constitutional precedents and persecute political opponents