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Dems Prepare To Use Legislative Gimmicks In A Desperate Attempt To Nationalize Elections

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is planning on using a legislative gimmick in order to bring forward the Democrats' "voting rights" legislation in the coming days.

According to Politico:

"The House will imminently pass a bill containing both sweeping federal elections reform and beefed up Voting Right Act provisions. Because the bill will be sent to the Senate as a "message" from the House, it will not be subject to an initial filibuster by the GOP and will be debated on the floor. Instead, the Senate will confront its raging debate over the filibuster when Majority Leader Schumer moves to shut down debate."  

Make no mistake about it: The Democrats' "voting rights" legislation is nothing more than an attempt to nationalize elections to maintain power. If enacted, it will destroy our institutions and enable Speaker Nancy Pelosi to take over all elections throughout the country.

Democrats' crying foul at the use of the filibuster is the height of hypocrisy as Schumer himself has voted OVER 500 times to sustain a filibuster during his 23 years in the Senate. In 2020, Democrats used the filibuster 327 times alone.


  • The Democrats' "voting rights" legislation would:
    • Give BILLIONS of public dollars to campaigns. Speaker Pelosi would receive up to $22.7 MILLION in public dollars for her reelection campaign, and Senate Majority Leader Schumer would receive up to $44.1 for his reelection campaign.
    • Transform the office of the U.S. Attorney General into an unelected, unaccountable "Elections Czar" with the power to change state elections law and circumvent state constitutional processes.
    • Force states to legalize ballot harvesting.
    • Make it harder for states to maintain their voter lists.
    • Disregard state voter identification laws and provisional ballot rules.
    • Imposes liberal California voting methods on every state.
    • Allow the IRS to investigate and consider the political and policy persuasions of organizations before granting tax-exempt status.
  • 2020 saw the highest turnout in 120 years and, according to Pew, 94% say it's easy to vote. There is clearly no widespread "voter suppression" issue in this country.


  • In 2017, 32 Democrat senators signed a letter urging the Senate leadership to preserve the filibuster including Vice President Kamala Harris
  • The filibuster is the only reason millions of Americans have a voice in the current government.
  • Democrats used the filibuster 327 times in 2020 alone.
  • For decades, Joe Biden stood against eliminating the filibuster say it would have drastic consequences:
  • Vice President Kamala Harris has expressed support for the filibuster in the past:
    • In 2019, Harris said she had a “practical concern” if the filibuster were not in place during an interview.
    • In 2017, Harris along with 31 other Democrat senators signed a letter urging the Senate leadership to preserve the 60-vote threshold.
    • In 2017, Harris praised Senator Jeff Merkley’s filibuster of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.
  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has voted OVER 500 times to sustain a filibuster during his 23 years in the Senate.
    • In 2005, Schumer said that it would be a “doomsday for democracy” if the Senate changed its rules on the filibuster.