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Democrats Once Again Try to Ram Through MASSIVE Government Spending With No CBO Score

Americans are paying more for just about everything because of skyrocketing inflation caused by President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ out-of-control government spending.   Instead of addressing this crisis, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are attempting to ram through their America CONCEDES Act before it has received a detailed score from the Congressional Budget Office, making it impossible to know how much it will cost the American people. According to Republicans on the House Budget Committeethere is a minimum of $50 billion in mandatory spending over 10 years, and no way of knowing if the effects and fees from the legislation’s revenue will cover the billions authorized in spending in the bill.

This nearly 3,000-page, $325 BILLION piece of legislation will do nothing to address America’s inflation crisis while simultaneously doing nothing to hold Communist China accountable for its bad behavior. THE FACTS ABOUT DEMOCRATS’ CONCEDES ACT: 
  • At 2,900 pages and a $325 billion price tag, the Democrats’ America Concedes Act is the opposite of countering the Chinese Communist Party.
  • In the past, Democrats including Speaker PelosiVice President Harris, and Leader Hoyer have opposed passing legislation without a CBO score, claiming that it would be “reckless,” “shameful,” and “irresponsible.”
  • Authorizes $8 BILLION to pour into an unaccountable U.N. climate slush fund, which has already awarded $100 million to China.
    • It does not guarantee the $8 billion won’t be used to purchase things like solar panels or batteries, whose supply chains in China are tainted by genocide.
    • Democrats rejected attempts to prohibit the Chinese Communist Party from accessing the billions of dollars they want to pour into the Fund.
  • Gives unions unfair advantages over small businesses and independent workers by adding Davis-Bacon provisions to previously bipartisan policies.
  • Mentions climate change 156 times.
  • Tries to appease Chairman Xi by omitting the word “genocide” from provisions on human rights in Xinjiang, despite the House having voted twice to call it genocide.
  • Covers up for the Biden Administration’s giveaway of $40 billion in no-strings-attached IMF money to the CCP last spring, and their support for $130 billion more last summer.
  • Authorizes $2 billion annually with no sunset for a “new” International Climate Change Adaptation, Mitigation, and Security Program, essentially doubling up on programs and activities already being conducted by State and USAID.
  • Creates “Climate Change Officers” within the Foreign Service, weakening our diplomats’ focus on core U.S. national interests.
  • It includes no measures to hold Communist China accountable for their covering up COVID-19 or ongoing genoicde against religious minorities in their country.
  • Grants the Department of the Treasury unchecked authority to block Americans’ digital currency payments worldwide
  • Provides no resources to enforce our sanctions laws or increase our military strength, including omitting provisions on export controls, security assistance to allies facing CCP aggression, and failing to curtail CCP military modernizations and weapons development.
  • It includes millions to study coral reefs.
  • The America Concedes Act fails to combat CCP disinformation and academic espionage by:
    • Allowing for an unlimited number of members of the Chinese Communist Party to take advantage of the new visa program in which individuals with Ph.D. degrees in STEM fields would be exempt from annual green card caps.
    • Failing to prevent the Chinese Communist Party and other foreign adversaries’ influence on college campuses.
    • Weakening sanctions from the Department of Education on higher education institutions that fail to disclose large donations and contracts with foreign actors, including the Chinese Communist Party.

BOTTOM LINE: No score, no vote. Rather than confront the economic crisis facing America, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are once again trying to add fuel to fire by pushing more out-of-control government spending. The American people deserve to know the actual cost of this legislation before Congress votes on it.