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Pelosi's Sham Primetime Show Is NOT About Finding the Truth

TOPLINE MESSAGING (Courtesy of House Administration Committee Republicans and the Republican Study Committee): 

  • Democrats and the Select Committee are no closer to finding out what led to the catastrophic security failure on January 6, 2021. Their singular focus has been to attack President Trump and punish anyone associated with him.
  • It is all about politics for the Select Committee. With soaring gas prices, baby formula shortages, sky-high inflation, rising crime rates, and illegal aliens flooding across the border, the only thing Democrats have to run on is going after President Trump.
  • Leader McCarthy appointed five Republicans to serve on the Select Committee. Speaker Pelosi took unprecedented action and refused to seat two of Leader McCarthy’s choices. Since then, those five Republicans have been hard at work conducting their own investigation to get answers for the American people.
  • Over the past year, there have been numerous internal reviews conducted of the security vulnerabilities with the Capitol complex and security structure. In total there were hundreds of findings with many of the same themes across the board: lack of adequate planning and training, failure of internal intelligence processes, insufficient documentation of procedures, and an inefficient command and control structure. Most recommendations have not been implemented.
  • Why were our officers under equipped on that day? Why were some officers forced to face down a riot without helmets or expired equipment?
  • Why were the Capitol Police officers not trained on how to handle a riot even after all the riots that took place in D.C. during the summer of 2020?
  • Did Speaker Pelosi communicate with the House Sergeant at Arms on January 6 or in the days leading up to the riot?
  • Why didn’t the Capitol Police’s Intelligence Division raise the alarm about potential violence when they had intelligence going back weeks before January 6 that told them something was going to happen?
  • Was Speaker Pelosi involved in the decision to delay National Guard assistance on January 6?