House Democrats Will Hold Debate On Their Socialist Spending Scam Before We Know Its True Cost

President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and House Democrats plan to start the floor debate on their Socialist Spending Scam, even though the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has not released a full score for the legislation. Without a full score from the CBO, it is impossible to know how much this legislation will cost the American people.

Why are Biden and House Democrats intent on ramming through this legislation before the American people know the impact?  It’s because they already know the CBO score will show the Democrats’ math just doesn’t add up.


  • The CBO said on Monday that the I.R.S. proposal would yield far less than what the White House was counting on to help pay for its bill.
  • The White House is already telling House Democrats that the CBO will find that their Far-Left Socialist Spending Scam will not be fully paid for,
  • Earlier this month, both the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and the Committee for a Responsible Budget released models showing that the bill will cost more than DOUBLE the estimated cost.
  • The left-leaning Tax Policy Center found that Biden and Pelosi’s Far-Left Socialist spending spree would raise taxes on middle-class Americans by 30%.
  • The House Budget Committee has estimated as of Tuesday just 12% of the Democrats’ Socialist Spending Scam has been scored by the CBO.

With so much uncertainty surrounding the true cost of this legislation, one would think that House Democrats would hold off having a debate on it until the American people know the true impact of their legislation. It’s clear, though, they care more about passing their wish list of Far-Left Socialist policies than they do about the impact they will have on the American people.