Democrats Want To Vote On The Most Radical Bill In American History Without Reading It

House Democrats are pushing the most radical Far-Left Socialist piece of legislation in American history. The bill’s text is OVER 1,500 pages, and it is unimaginable that any Democrat has actually read the legislation, which was drafted behind closed doors and away from the public eye. This action is reminiscent of when Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats passed Obamacare without even reading it.

Why are Democrats so desperate to ram through this legislation without giving Congress or the American people a chance to read it? It’s because the legislation is still littered with a wish list of Far-Left Socialist policies that the American people have already rejected.


  • Provides the IRS nearly $80 BILLION, giving the agency the broad authority to target families, farmers, and small businesses.
  • Grants mass amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants despite the recent decision by the Senate Parliamentarian that this violates reconciliation rules.
  • Does not include the Hyde Amendment, allowing taxpayer dollars to be used to fund on demand abortions.
  • Perpetuates labor shortages by eliminating work requirements to receive welfare benefits for able bodied adults – at a time when there are over 10.4 million job openings.
  • Expands Obamacare subsidies through 2025, overwhelmingly benefiting wealthier Americans and subsidizing people who already have insurance.
  • Unnecessarily expands Medicare benefits at a time when the program is going broke, ultimately harming choices for our seniors.
  • Includes Civilian Climate Corps that would employ thousands of young people to work on climate-change mitigation projects.
  • Provides fake news organizations with up to 750 employees to get a tax cut at a time when their readership has declined due to their liberal bias.
  • Over $400 billion in small business tax hikes, which will be shouldered by Main Street job creators.
  • This bill impedes and bans domestic energy and mineral production, increasing our dependencies on resources supplied by OPEC, Russia, and China.
  • Raises taxes on natural gas, raising the costs of nearly everything.
  • $800 billion in corporate tax increases
  • Turns the Child Tax Credit (CTC) into a permanent cash for kids welfare without work program.

This legislation is also missing a Congressional Budget Office score, so it is impossible to know how much this legislation will increase Americans’ taxes.

More importantly, the Democrats Tax and Spend spree does nothing to address the numerous crises facing America. Instead, it will only worsen them.