Biden And Pelosi’s Radical Policies Are Making The Supply Chain Crisis Worse

America is facing a historic supply chain crisis that is threatening Christmas for millions of Americans,

Instead of working to fix this crisis President Biden and Speaker Pelosi’s radical agenda is only exacerbating the growing supply chain crisis.


  • Shelves across the country are bare because of workforce shortages that have left a record number of container ships waiting to enter ports.
  • Biden and Pelosi are prioritizing their radical Socialist agenda.
  • These policies are prolonging and worsening the supply chain crisis, and they will ensure that this Christmas (and many months after) will not be merry:
    • Overly extended unemployment benefits are fueling worker shortages.
    • Their multi-trillion-dollar spending spree is driving up inflation.
    • Plans to mandate vaccines are hurting businesses already struggling to hire while discriminating against workers regardless of their circumstances.
    • Over-regulating and over-taxing American businesses and families is making us less competitive.
    • Ignoring real infrastructure needs is making matters worse and further imperiling the upcoming holiday season.
    • Prohibitions on energy production are driving heating and gas bills through the roof.
  • The President must stop the indiscriminate vaccine mandates, excessive taxation, and government handouts that are disincentivizing work and harming American businesses.

House Republicans are now calling on Biden to prioritize real infrastructure solutions that focus on moving goods and people safely and efficiently.