Analysis Finds Democrats’ Socialist Spending Spree Will Cause Taxes To Increase In 96% Of Districts

For months President Biden and Speaker Pelosi have been telling the American people that their Far-Left Socialist Spending Spree would not raise taxes on middle-class Americans. This was a LIE.

A new analysis released by the nonprofit Tax Foundation found that “over 96% of districts across the U.S. would eventually see a tax increase” because of President Biden and House Democrats’ Socialist Spending Spree.

According to the Tax Foundation’s analysis:

“Taxpayers in the hardest-hit states will end up facing more than $1,000 per year in additional taxes over the next decade…In some of the states, this annual tax increase will reach $2,000 per year by the end of the decade…” 

This is just the latest analysis that has come out showing that the Democrats’ Socialist Spending Spree will raise taxes on Americans.

Last week, the left-leaning Tax Policy Center found that Biden and Pelosi’s Far-Left Socialist spending spree would raise taxes on middle-class Americans by 30%.