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Thomas Tiffany

Chris Martin • July 15, 2020

Happy Tax Day! House Democrats Want to Raise Your Taxes

Press Team • July 15, 2020

…created thanks to TCJA and other pro-growth policies Real disposable personal income is up to $2,619. The Bottom Line: House Republicans are dedicated to cutting taxes and putting more money…

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Troy Balderson

Chris Martin • May 16, 2019

Michael Cloud

Chris Martin • February 6, 2019

Guy Reschenthaler

Chris Martin • January 22, 2019

Michael Guest

Chris Martin • January 16, 2019

Tim Burchett

Chris Martin • January 15, 2019

Ron Estes

Communications • August 14, 2018

More Jobs. Fairer Taxes. Bigger Paychecks

YouTube Importer • November 30, 2017

The moment to reform our Nation’s broken tax code is right now….

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“Lower taxes. We can keep more. We can do more.”

Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-MI) • October 31, 2017

…“Lower taxes. We can keep more. We can do more.” Bob is one of the many faces of tax reform. His story and so many like his are why I’m…

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