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Former Obama Adviser Outlined How Dangerous Democrats’ Proposed Stimulus Could Be For Our Economy

Press Team • February 17, 2021

…of their package. After Joe Scarborough explained that the CBO expects our economy to grow 3.7% this year even without Democrats’ legislation, Rattner pointed out that we are beginning to…

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Dan Bishop

Chris Martin • October 11, 2019

Fred Keller

Chris Martin • July 24, 2019

Dan Meuser

Chris Martin • May 16, 2019

Michael Cloud

Chris Martin • February 6, 2019

Carol Miller

Chris Martin • January 22, 2019

Bryan Steil

Chris Martin • January 22, 2019

McMorris Rodgers on Varney & Co.: Locking in our booming economy

Communications • July 19, 2018

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) joins Fox Business’s Varney & Co. to discuss how Americans are Better Off Now under this booming economy. Republican policies like tax…

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Rep. Liz Cheney: “We’re going to continue to work to lift this burden off of our economy”

COMMUNICATIONS • April 5, 2017

…and killed small businesses in this country. But we’re here to provide relief. Says Cheney, “We’re going to continue to work to lift this burden off of our economy, to…

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Scott Taylor

Communications • February 3, 2017

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