Biden's Crime Crisis

Just 13% of the Country Believes the Country is on the Right Track Under Democrat One-Party Rule

Americans are paying more for just about everything while making less, our southern border is in the midst of an unprecedented border crisis, and we are paying historically high prices for gas. In short, Democrat one-party rule in Washington has put Americans in a constant state of crisis. It’s not surprising that only 13% of …

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Americans Reject Democrats’ Defund The Police Movement As The Crime Crisis Worsens

This week, in Speaker Pelosi’s own district, San Francisco residents overwhelmingly voted to recall their radical Far-Left District Attorney Chesa Boudin in yet another rebuke of Democrats’ failed agenda. Because of the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats like Boudin, along with the Defund the Police movement pushed by certain House Democrats, homicide rates across the country have skyrocketed, …

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Biden and Democrats Own America’s Crime Crisis

Following National Police Week, communities across this country are less safe, and our nation’s law enforcement are under attack from violent criminals due to the failed one-party rule of Democrats in Washington. Now, ambush-style attacks on our police and homicides are up compared to this time in 2020. DEMOCRATS’ CRIME CRISIS: So far in 2022, …

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House Republicans Continue to Back the Blue as Democrats’ Crime Crisis Threatens Our Law Enforcement

National Police Week begins tomorrow as crime across America surges and our police officers are under attack from violent criminals. America’s crime crisis is the direct result of President Biden and Congressional Democrats’ efforts to demonize and defund our law enforcement, as well as the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats across the country. As National Police …

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Biden’s Crime Crisis

President Biden and Congressional Democrats have demonized our police and pushed for them to be defunded. Now, crime across America is skyrocketing, and our police officers are under attack from violent criminals. BIDEN’S CRIME CRISIS: Under President Biden, more police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2021 than in any year since …

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 Biden’s State Of The Union In Crisis

President Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address this evening as America faces an unprecedented number of crises. America faces a national security crisis, an energy crisis, an economic crisis, a border crisis, and a crime crisis, all brought about by Biden’s failed Far-Left agenda and weakness on the world stage. Joe …

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Biden’s Crime Crisis Continues With Surge of Police Shootings This Weekend

Staff • February 14, 2022

This weekend, 13 police officers were shot and wounded across the country in just 24 hours. These violent attacks against our police officers can be directly attributed to Congressional Democrats’ constant demonization and continued push to have our police departments defunded. A spokeswoman for the National Police Association told Fox News: “This is what we …

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