Biden's Border Crisis

Nearly 80 Suspected Terrorists Have Attempted to Illegally Cross Our Southern Border in This Fiscal Year Alone

Staff • September 22, 2022

Under Joe Biden’s open-border agenda, the number of suspected terrorists who have attempted to illegally cross our southern border is now triple the total amount for the last five years combined. In August, 12 more illegal immigrants on the Terrorist Screening Database were apprehended at ports of entry, bringing the total for this fiscal year …

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NBC News Poll Shows House Republicans’ Message is Working—and the Mainstream Media is Working to Hide it

Staff • September 20, 2022

Americans know one-party Democrat rule in Washington has failed them on the issues that matter most, and the proof is in the polling—although you wouldn’t know it if the mainstream media had its way. In an attempt to shift the narrative and prop up Democrats, the mainstream media buried poll numbers showing House Republicans’ message …

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Illegal Crossings of Our Southern Border Under Joe Biden Have Already Outpaced Both of Obama’s Terms

Staff • September 19, 2022

Our southern border and the surrounding border communities have experienced more illegal crossings in the past 18 months under President Biden than in eight years of the Obama administration. MAKE NO MISTAKE: Our southern border is NOT “secure.” Joe Biden and House Democrats’ radical open border policies are to blame for America’s historic border crisis.  …

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As Biden’s Historic Border Crisis Emboldens Cartels, House Republicans Continue to Hold the Biden Admin Accountable

House Republicans visited our southern border again this week to shed light on the devastating consequences of the Biden administration’s open-border policies. Reps. Tony Gonzales, Drew Ferguson, Jake Ellzey, Tim Walberg, Julia Letlow, Carlos Gimenez, Kevin Hern, Jerry Carl, David Rouzer, and Connie Conway visited Eagle Pass, Texas to see firsthand the historic surge of …

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Just 13% of the Country Believes the Country is on the Right Track Under Democrat One-Party Rule

Americans are paying more for just about everything while making less, our southern border is in the midst of an unprecedented border crisis, and we are paying historically high prices for gas. In short, Democrat one-party rule in Washington has put Americans in a constant state of crisis. It’s not surprising that only 13% of …

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The Biden Admin is Fighting to End Remain in Mexico, Making the Historic Border Crisis Even Worse

This morning’s decision by the Supreme Court opens the door for the Biden administration to recklessly end President Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols, or the ‘Remain in Mexico’ program. This program requires illegal immigrants who are awaiting asylum claims in the U.S. to stay in Mexico until their cases are adjudicated. The Biden administration previously referred …

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