Biden’s Border Crisis

The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced yesterday that law enforcement at the border encountered more than 100,000 migrants during the month of February. That’s a 28% increase from the month of January and confirms that there’s a crisis taking place along the southern border.

  • Fox News: “Border encounters top 100,000 in February as migrant crisis spirals”

President Biden invited this crisis by promising amnesty to all undocumented immigrants. He stopped construction of the wall, put a moratorium on deportations, and ended the MPP program. We’ve known for months that this Administration would be guided by an agenda that encourages open borders, rather than working with and listening to our law-enforcement personnel on the ground.

Instead of offering serious solutions, the Administration has said they are “heartbroken” about what’s happening. Being heartbroken is not a policy. Policy has consequences and we’re seeing the tragic consequences of their devastating policies right now. Their policy of weakening our border security, not building a wall, and refusing to enforce our immigration laws is why this crisis is taking place.

See below for additional points outlining why President Biden is responsible for the border crisis:

On top of this, Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee released the latest edition of  “Startling Stats” factsheet highlighting how the Biden Administration’s open border policies have created absolute disorder at the southern border: