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Feb 19, 2020
Democrats Choose Ridiculous Rhetoric Over Acknowledging The President’s Economic Success
In an interview with Neil Cavuto yesterday, House Majority Whip James Clyburn attempted to downplay the strength of the U.S. economy by saying flippantly that African Americans were, “fully employed during slavery.” His decision to resort to this outlandish rhetoric shows that Democrats can’t attack the President’s economic success,…
Feb 12, 2020
Democrats have a lot of experience with “pivots,” but after the failure of impeachment their plan to attack the President over the economy defies logic. Politico: “House Democrats Eye Post-Impeachment Pivot” It’s not possible to square that with the below snapshot of what the state of the…
Feb 11, 2020
The Heart Of The Matter?
In a presser w/ Chuck Schumer today, Speaker Pelosi repeated her well-worn line about a budget representing national values and then said that the budget “in terms of our legislative work, is the heart of the matter. It’s where it all begins.” If that’s the case, did she and…
Feb 6, 2020
Unhinged: Pelosi Claims Ripping Up Speech Honoring American Heroes Was “Dignified”
SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI: It’s appalling the things that he says and then you say to me, tearing up his falsehoods, “isn’t that the wrong message?” No, it isn’t. It’s just, I have tried to be gracious with him. I’m always dignified. I thought that was a very…
Feb 4, 2020
House Ds are scared
Last month, Liz Cheney called Speaker Pelosi an embarrassment and said she was “surprised,” she still had Democrat support. That support may, finally, be waning. Some House Democrats are now anonymously “grumbling” to the New York Times about the “tactical missteps,” the Speaker made over the course of impeachment that revealed her true motives…
Feb 3, 2020
Sekulow: The Dem Push To Impeach The President Started The Day He Took Office
JAY SEKULOW: I believe that we’ve established overwhelmingly that both articles of impeachment fail to allege impeachable offenses and therefore both articles, one and two, must fail. This entire campaign of impeachment that started from the very first day that the President was inaugurated was a very partisan…
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Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats Have Been Obsessed With Impeaching The President, Instead Of Working To Solve Problems For The American People.