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Nov 23, 2020
Will Democrats Keep Their Promise To Help Workers & Small Businesses?
While Republicans have been pushing for months to get common sense relief to the American people in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Speaker Pelosi and her colleagues have blocked these efforts and held important assistance hostage in exchange for their partisan wishlist. As detailed in last…
Nov 20, 2020
Democrats Continue To Block Key Relief For Small Businesses And Workers
Yesterday, for the 40th time, Democrats blocked an effort from Republicans to provide critical assistance to small businesses and workers. The legislation, H.R. 8265, is not remotely controversial and would simply allow small businesses to access over $130B in unspent funds that remains in the Paycheck Protection…
Nov 17, 2020
Leadership Team For The 117th Congress
Leadership Team For The 117th Congress This afternoon, House Republicans elected their leadership team for the 117th Congress. All members ran unopposed and were elected unanimously. See below for the final results: Republican Leader: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) Republican Whip:…
Capital Building
Nov 11, 2020
Democrats Prioritize Legalizing Marijuana Instead Of Providing COVID Relief For The American People
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced on Monday that the House would vote in November on legislation to legalize marijuana. Politico: “House will vote on cannabis legalization bill in December” Democrats previously intended to vote on this bill in September, but pulled the legislation from the…
Nov 11, 2020
Speaker Pelosi Refuses To Reject Socialism
Even after the American people made clear on Election Day that they reject the socialist policies that House Democrats have been promoting for the last two years, Speaker Pelosi refused to reject this damaging agenda when asked by Fox News in recent days: Fox News:…
Nov 9, 2020
Democrats’ Infighting Over Their Radical Agenda Continues
Following an election cycle that saw Democrats lose seats in the House of Representatives and fail to take control on the Senate, their party is in the throes of an identity crisis about the nature of the radical and extreme policies that they have embraced. The…