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Apr 17, 2019
Back Home, House D’s Face Socialism Backlash
Constituents living in the districts of freshman House Democrats haven’t exactly rolled out the red carpet for them when they return from Washington. From Olathe to Yorkville, these members have been confronted – and often booed – for campaigning as centrists but legislating as socialists… Rep. Ben McAdams hosted a…
Apr 11, 2019
House D’s $93 Trillion Boondoggle
If there’s one thing House Democrats are best known for during their first 100 days in the majority, it’s the Green New Deal. After proclaiming the world would end in 12 years if the Green New Deal wasn’t implemented, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez finally revealed her plan: Upgrade or…
Apr 10, 2019
100 Days of Extremism: Ignoring The Border Crisis
For nearly 100 days in the House majority, Democrats have turned a blind eye the ongoing humanitarian and national security crisis at the border, refusing to offer any kind of solution or even acknowledge the basic fact that a crisis exists. CBP has repeatedly sounded the alarm as thousands…
Apr 9, 2019
House Dems have 99 problems, and demonstrating they can govern is definitely one. First they proved incapable of completing a budget after spending years lecturing Republicans with their favorite line: “Show me your budget, show me your values.” Then they moved on to ‘Plan B,’ a bill that would…
Apr 9, 2019
100 Days of Extremism: Enabling Anti-Semitism
If their first 100 days are any indication, not only are Democrats unwilling to support America’s crucial relationship with Israel, but they won’t even directly condemn blatant anti-Semitism being spread by their own members: Just a few weeks after Rep. Ilhan Omar was forced to apologize for using…
Apr 8, 2019
100 Days of Extremism: Gov’t Takeover Of Healthcare
Rather than focusing on improving the lives of the American people, Democrats have embraced a socialist single-payer healthcare system that would eliminate private insurance and force everyone into a one-size-fits-all government-run plan. Rep. Pramila Jayapal’s single-payer bill has 107 House Democrat co-sponsors, including Reps. Matt Cartwright, Jared Golden, and…