Yoho Joins C-SPAN’s Washington Journal to Raise Awareness, Fight Against Human Trafficking

This week, Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) joined CSPAN’s Washington Journal to shed light on human trafficking.  Yoho explained the steps lawmakers are taking to rescue the victims of this atrocious crime and prosecute the consumers who put them there.  

On Congress’ Fight to End Human Trafficking:  “Congress is very active on this.  We just passed Megan’s Law which alerts foreign countries of sex offenders from our country going to those countries…it also alerts our country from those other countries coming here… We also passed a bill that said any foreign contractors doing work for American Agencies like USAID have to be cleared and vetted to make sure they’re not using slave labor in those organizations. We’ve bolstered the federal laws to make it tougher on the criminals that think it is okay to see another human. They (Department of Homeland Security) have a great awareness program…called the Blue Campaign.  It’s an awareness campaign that shows [human trafficking] is everywhere.  Once you bring this issue to awareness, it starts to spread, and — at that point — you can start getting control of this.”

On Human Trafficking Victims: “A lot of our legislation has gone after the consumers… whether it’s in the agricultural sector where they want to have cheap labor come in or it’s people that want to abuse people for sexual pleasure, or often times, the pimp that is selling a product to a buyer. …I think one of the most reprehensible things is when you get into this, and you start seeing what’s happening and you see the young children, infants—we’ve had children under two years of age—found in the sex trafficking trade, no child should ever have to go through that.  No child would ever agree to that… we need to go after those people that are perpetuating this… our laws have strengthened that, we’ve gone after the people that are selling these children.”

On Raising Awareness:  “If people aren’t aware of this, they’re not looking…people want to ignore it. …but when they become aware of the problem, they become engaged. …let’s come together as a nation and solve this.  I think about the victims…to have not have freedom that we experience every day…that’s something that we all have to fight to get under control.”