Witness Has No Idea When Zelensky Told Sondland That The Investigations Would Take Place

REP. JOHN RATCLIFFE: When exactly did Gordon Sondland ask President Zelensky about the investigations?

MR. DAVID HOLMES: I’m sorry, sir?

REP. RATCLIFFE: When did he ask about the investigations?

MR. HOLMES: When did Gordon Sondland ask Zelensky about the investigations?


MR. HOLMES: You’re asking in which meeting did he raise the investigations?

REP. RATCLIFFE: Well, it was raised the day before on the call, and the next day Gordon Sondland said the answer to that was that he’s going to do the investigation. So when did he ask about the investigations?

MR. HOLMES: My assumption is he did in in the closed-door meeting with Yermak.

REP. RATCLIFFE: I appreciate that, but I want to make sure the record is clear that yesterday Ambassador Sondland testified that the topic of conversations did not come up on that day. I yield back.