Will Democrats Show Any Interest In Working With Republicans?

Despite all their rhetoric, Congressional Democrats have made no good-faith effort to work with Republicans as they attempt to advance their $2T stimulus bill, which will come on top of the $3.5T that has already been spent in response to COVID-19.

The House will vote later today to advance a shell budget that will allow Democrats to pass their massive stimulus bill through reconciliation on a strictly partisan basis after the Senate voted by a 50-49 margin to do the same yesterday. Information about the reconciliation process was included in yesterday’s Trailblazer, but Democrats are already running into issues with one Senator claiming that he doesn’t support a federally-mandated $15/hour minimum wage, which is currently included as part of the package, and a Democratic House member saying that his party should not use the partisan reconciliation process.

Nothing is forcing Democrats to use reconciliation to pass this legislation. They could easily work with Republicans on a common sense bill where both sides compromise and there is a bipartisan vote. Unfortunately, all signs from President Biden, Speaker Pelosi, and Leader Schumer indicate that they would rather put their partisan interests and agenda first, instead of working to bring the country together. The New York Post highlighted evidence of this in an editorial published today:

  • The New York Post (Editorial): “Biden’s $1.9T plan isn’t about the pandemic, it’s about the left’s agenda”
    • “President Biden and fellow Democrats claim Americans’ urgent needs oblige them to ram through $1.9 trillion in new spending rather than accept a much-smaller compromise offer. In reality, this is about the Dems’ own policy and patronage goals. For starters, the nation has no need for any new “stimulus.” Much of the $2.9 trillion from last spring’s CARES Act has yet to be spent — to say nothing of the $900 billion more that Congress OK’d barely a month ago. Indeed, more than 80 percent of that new money has yet to get out the door. Plus, on Monday, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projected robust 4.6 percent growth for this year, with the nation hitting its pre-pandemic economic level by summer — without any new spending.”
    • “The plan also contains several measures wholly unrelated to the pandemic, such as a $15-an-hour nationwide minimum wage and paid parental leave that will clobber struggling businesses.”
    • “In short, all Biden’s talk of unity was pure baloney. Indeed, White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained that Biden-style “bipartisanship” means Republicans just get behind the Dems’ package. Ha! It’s up to Manchin and other moderates, including in the House, to tell Biden, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to quit these games and stop trying to exploit the pandemic for the left’s benefit.”