Will Democrats Ever Drop Their Obstruction And Agree To A COVID Relief Deal?

It’s been well-acknowledged that Speaker Pelosi spent months blocking a COVID relief deal solely for political reasons. She even admitted as much at the end of last week:

Now, even more Democrats are acknowledging the fact that the American people went without critical COVID relief for months while workers, small businesses, and families struggled, simply because the Speaker thought that no assistance would be better for her party politically:

  • Fox News: “Bernie Sanders concedes Democrats held up coronavirus relief: ‘That’s right'”

Democrats’ obstruction has prevented commonsense relief that would extend unemployment insurance, help small businesses, and fund vaccine distribution from passing. Now, as the end of the year approaches, will they continue to block these critical measures and again put their political priorities before the best interest of the nation?

In an effort to actually make a deal that would help the American people, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced yesterday that he, again, made another reasonable offer to Speaker Pelosi:

The American people already know that the Speaker and the House Democrats who have enabled her are responsible for blocking relief up to this point. Their irresponsible and reckless leadership has already caused irreparable pain for so many businesses and families. They now have to decide if they will allow that pain to continue, or if they will, finally, put their political agenda aside and work on behalf of the people they were elected to serve.