Why Was Replenishing The PPP Delayed? Three Words…

Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

That’s the only reason why funding for the Paycheck Protection Program, which is saving millions of jobs and helping small businesses stay afloat during this time, ran dry before being reauthorized by Congress yesterday. A timeline of what transpired over the past two-plus weeks is below:

April 7: The White House formally requests more money for the PPP.

April 9: Senate Democrats block efforts to add more money to the PPP.

April 16: The PPP runs out of money, preventing it from saving jobs and offering key loans to small businesses across the country desperate for relief.

April 23:  A full two weeks after Democrats first blocked more aid to small businesses, the House passes a bill adding more money for the program.

This program is providing critical aid to small businesses, and its far-reaching impact can be seen across the country. Instead of agreeing to add funding for this program when the White House requested it and prior to it running out of money, the Speaker blocked it, purely for political reasons.

Now, she is trying to rewrite history and absolve herself from being blamed for preventing small businesses from accessing these loans.

This is such an absurd claim for the Speaker to make, and causing Fox News anchor Bret Baier to label it “political jujitsu”:

Byron York of The Washington Examiner summed it up accurately as well:

“Why did it take 16 days for Congress to pass money for small-business owners that could have been passed in a small fraction of that time? Because Pelosi stopped it. Pure and simple.”

We know the facts. We know what happened here. No rhetoric or spin can erase the history of what happened over the course of the past two weeks.

Small businesses and American workers needed a lifeline. Republicans wanted to give it to them as early as April 7th, nine days before funding for the PPP was exhausted. Democrats did not. They blocked legislation that would add more money to the program and let funding for the program expire for a full week – leaving Americans helpless at the worst possible time – before replenishing it yesterday.

While everyone should be thankful that funding for this program has been replenished, there are Americans who were negatively impacted because of Democrats’ decision to delay adding more money to the PPP.

The country cannot forget how at a time when the country needed assistance and responsiveness from their government the most, Congressional Democrats played political games and decided to put their interests before the country’s. It’s just another example of why they can’t be trusted with power and responsibility.