Why Rep. Marsha Blackburn Prioritizes Protecting the Unborn

The miracle of life unfolds and now, because of scientific advances, an expecting mother and father, family members and friends, can share in the excitement. Ultrasounds give us an outsider’s view to the miracle. It is a baby, not a ‘blob.’ Excitement grows with every glimpse. We learn the gender of the child, determine the features and choose a name. It is a precious baby, yet unborn.

“My devotion to the pro-life movement has grown as I have aged. The value of life, respecting it, recognizing it as a gift, is a life lesson instilled in me by both my family and my church. I learned this life lesson as a youth. I began to put that lesson to work as an adult. Life is a gift, given from God and honored through the ages.  

“It is incredibly unfortunate that many on the left have sought to construct a scenario to have you believe that a woman and her child are at odds. They build a story line that the child will crush her hopes and dreams and then they mask abortion practices as neutral sounding choice in healthcare. Doctors who have done abortions have said that after all the rhetoric what they saw was a baby fighting for its life. What kind of advocacy encourages a woman to kill her own flesh and blood? That is why life is a fundamental right, the first right prioritized by the Founding Fathers. 

“Abortion ends hundreds of thousands of lives each year. That’s hundreds of thousands of babies that could be adopted into loving homes, babies that could go on to become some of the greatest contributions to our society, and also babies that could enjoy a sunny day or a first day of school or, if given their shot at life, could have gone on to be a leader, to help others less fortunate, have enjoyed a full life with their brothers and sisters, friendships, and the challenges we all face.

“Children deserve this fundamental right. Mothers deserve advocacy that says “I’ll be there for you when your child is born.”

“Our fight to protect the gift of human life must continue.”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)