Why have House Ds repeatedly said no to helping small businesses & workers?

Rep. Steve Chabot has proposed legislation (H.R. 8265) that would allow small businesses that need relief to access the ~$135B left in unspent PPP funds. The bill calls for no new spending and would be a lifeline for workers across the country. How could anyone oppose it?

Well, instead of bringing this commonsense bill up under suspension or letting it come to the floor so key aid can flow to employees whose jobs are in jeopardy, House Democrats have failed to act:

  1. Last Friday, Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler formally offered a petition to discharge this bill to the floor for a vote. To date, no Democrats have signed it.  
  2. Twice since last Wednesday, Republicans have ordered the Previous Question on the floor that, if it were defeated, would bring the bill up for a vote. Democrats have opposed it each time. There will be another recorded PQ vote to bring this legislation up later today. 
  3. Today, 35 House Republicans made individual unanimous consent requests to bring this legislation to the floor. The Democrat majority rejected each one of those requests.   

Why? While negotiations on a larger bill unfold, what excuse do Democrats have for blocking key assistance for small businesses and workers that need it?