Who’s Got the #BetterBudget? You Decide.

This was a pivotal week on the House floor: House Republicans shared their vision for a better, stronger America. It’s a vision for governing – one that puts people first, not Washington. Contrary to President Obama’s out-of-touch, top-down approach to governing, The Balanced Budget for a Stronger America puts America on a fiscally responsible path toward prosperity and ensures that the federal government is accountable to the American people.

We put our budget and President Obama’s toe-to-toe in eight rounds. Let’s see who has the better budget:

Round one: Does it balance?


House Republicans budget balances in less than ten years, with no new tax hikes.

President Obama’s budget never balances — ever — even with the addition of new tax hikes on hardworking Americans.

Winner: House Republicans

Round two: How many taxpayer dollars are we spending here?


House Republicans focused on making our government more efficient and transparent by cutting $5.5 trillion in unnecessary government spending.

President Obama actually adds government spending — tens of billions of dollars worth — on the backs of American taxpayers.

Winner: House Republicans

Round three: Obamacare status update?

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Our budget fully repeals Obamacare, and with it, the costly, top-down government approach to health care. House Republicans’ budget puts health care decision making back into the hands of the American families.

Continuing down his destructive and costly path, President Obama’s budget would fully fund the health care law, with no serious changes — despite the multiple failings in the past five years.

Winner: House Republicans

Round four: It’s a scary world out there — what about national security?

captain america

House Republicans have made national security a priority in our FY 2016 budget. Robust funding will train our troops, provide top-notch equipment, and ensure our men and women serving have the best care and compensation available.

Unfortunately, growing conflicts require America to be a military leader — President Obama’s defense spending inadequately addresses the realities of our world.

Winner: House Republicans

Round five: Power to the States, right?


We know that every state and district have different needs and priorities. Our budget rejects the notion that Washington knows best, and puts decision making back into the hands of the states — giving them the flexibility to implement programs for health care and education more effectively.

Massive government programs aren’t reflective of the various needs around the country– yet President Obama continues his top-down approach to running the government.

Winner: House Republicans

Round six: Let’s talk about Medicare.


House Republicans started by ending the Obamacare raid on Medicare, and strengthen the program with permanent fixes. Our budget also proactively prevents the President’s plan to raid the regular Social Security trust fund.

Temporary patchwork fixes are business as usual for President Obama. This round is an easy one.

Winner: House Republicans

Round seven: Cut the fat!

bye extra

House Republicans purposefully cut redundancies and waste in their FY 2016 budget, and included reforms that improve transparency and accountability. It’s time for Washington, D.C. to stop picking the winners and losers in our economy, and allow it to grow naturally.

President Obama’s economic policies are overbearing, and his reliance on Wall Street is misguided. However, a strong economy doesn’t grow from Washington, D.C. or Wall Street — it grows from Main Street.

Winner: House Republicans

Round eight: Where are the jobs?

where are the jobs

The House Republican budget streamlines and eliminates unnecessary regulations that are holding back job creation and economic growth. Now some of our strongest sectors, like American energy, will be able to thrive.

President Obama took the opposite (and incorrect) approach. By increasing regulation on oil and gas drilling, and putting higher taxes on American energy companies, he stifles economic growth. It’s like he’s trying to make life harder…

Winner: House Republicans.


That’s a knock out, folks.  For our country’s economy to grow, we must have a strong foundation. Our budget provides the healthy roots American families need to feel secure and empowered. Today, House Republicans passed a budget that counteracts the President’s costly and out-of-touch policies and provides a solution that will make people’s lives better.