White House Continues To Turn Blind Eye To The Border Crisis As It Worsens

The crisis unfolding at the border continues to get worse because of the Biden Administration’s policies. They refuse to secure the border and as a result, more migrants and unaccompanied minors are illegally entering our country, creating a crisis situation.

  • CNN: Highest number of migrant children in border facilities since government started releasing data
  • WashEx: “Twice as many children are in Border Patrol custody under Biden than Trump peak in 2019”

A number of House Republicans visited the border yesterday and explained why President Biden is responsible for this crisis, and how it could be solved if the Administration was willing to reimplement the kind of security mechanisms we need along the southern border. Instead, they falsely claim that the surge is “cyclical,” argue that the solution is sending billions in taxpayer-money to Northern Triangle countries that we know won’t solve the problem, and refuse to visit the border to see the crisis for themselves.

If they were to visit, President Biden and Vice President Harris would see appalling inhumane and overcrowded conditions. After denying the media access to these facilities for weeks, new images and details reveal that – despite the Biden Administration’s best efforts to turn a blind eye to this crisis – the situation is dire:

  • CBS News: “Inside a Border Patrol migrant holding facility at 16 times its capacity”

  • WashEx: “Extreme overcrowding: Border Patrol tent in Donna, Texas, holding 5,700 migrants despite 250-person capacity”
  • Townhall: “EXCLUSIVE: More Photos Released of Overcrowded Conditions at Migrant CBP Facility In Texas”

For more on this entire crisis, Republicans on the Homeland Security have compiled a third edition of their “startling stats” document with important information: