Where’s the Save American Workers Act? You guessed it.

President Obama’s health care law redefines “full-time employees” to anyone who works 30 hours or more — rather than the standard 40-hour work week. For 2.6 million Americans, this means less opportunity, a smaller paycheck, and greater stress.

House Republicans quickly saw the danger in reducing the American work week. Already three out of four of Americans live paycheck to paycheck — and the 30-hour rule in Obamacare could slash wages by as much as an additional 25 percent. This reduction disproportionately hurts those who need their paychecks the most: young people, middle class Americans, and women. In fact, 63% of those who will be affected by President Obama’s change in the law are women.

In the spring of this year, House Republicans passed H.R. 2575, the Save American Workers Act,  which repeals the 30-hour definition from Obamacare and returns to the standard 40-hour work week. By protecting this definition, House Republicans voted to protect the paychecks and livelihood of millions of Americans.

But the Senate hasn’t done anything with it. The Save American Workers Act has been sitting on the desks of Harry Reid and Senate Democrats since its passage from the House. This is yet another bill to help Americans that remains #StuckInTheSenate.

For millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, they are watching as their wages stay the same or shrink while everyday costs around them rise. For these Americans, we cannot wait any longer. We need the Senate to work with us to make life in our country better. We have solutions — they just keep getting stuck.