When we work together — government works.

Earlier this year, the House collaborated with the Senate and passed S. 1086, the Child Care Development and Block Grant Act of 2014.  Today, President Obama signed it into law.

Over 1.5 million children under the age of 13 have access to child care through the federal Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) program – yet over the past few years, the quality and efficiency of these programs have weakened.

The House and Senate worked together and created a solution to strengthen these programs. Now, child care will be safer, the education provided in these settings will improve, parents will have more choices, and child care providers will have better training.

And today, the President signed the bill into law — ensuring quality child care that otherwise would be unavailable for millions of families across the country.

This new law epitomizes how government works. When the House, Senate, and Administration work together, we can accomplish great things for the American people. By working together, we pass solutions the American people truly want.

After signing S. 1086, President Obama said, “I love signing bills. I’d like to do it more often. What do you say, guys?”

Well, we agree. But since bills originate in Congress, the President must work with us to find the solutions Americans are asking for.

Today, the President signed into law something crafted by Congress, and requested by the American people. Moving forward, we hope the President is able to reflect back on today’s action as a reminder that government works when we work together.