When Does Washington Get Squeezed?

Republicans are working every day to lower costs at home so that it’s easier for middle-class families to live, save, and invest.

On the president’s watch, those things have only gotten tougher.  Prices have gone up while paychecks haven’t.  Hardworking people are left squeezed and often overlooked.

Every day, I hear from constituents in Southwest Ohio who say that no matter how hard they work, they’re not getting ahead.  If anything, they are losing ground.

Leona from Troy recently wrote in to describe a typical month in her life, from the “one bedroom apartment you can afford that will not have a washer and dryer hook-up, so you will have to go to the laundromat” to the “emergency that takes the few dollars that you have managed to save and you will be back to no funds for emergencies.”

“When I first heard about the health care reforms, I was very hopeful,” she says.  “When I began investigating the situation, my hopes were quickly dashed.  Things only got worse for me.”

A small business in West Chester is “terrified” by the president’s health care law because they’re “unable to take on the same increase, and our employees cannot afford to pay more.”

It’s a storyline that has become all too common around the country:

•  A machine operator in upstate New York recently said that “it seems you take one step forward and two steps backward.   They give you a raise at work but your health care goes up.

•  A single mom in Gettysburg, PA lamented, “I’m doing all the right things.  I’m working two jobs.   I’m taking care of two kids.   Why isn’t this getting any easier? Why is this getting harder?”

•  A worker in Manchester, NH “says her income hardly covers her rent and prescription drugs … ‘It’s been tough out there since the 1990s, but back then at least I could live.’”

The president promised the middle class “a better bargain.”  He talked about building an economy that grows “from the middle out.”  His party pledged to fight inequality tooth and nail.

But the reality is, only the top 5 percent have seen their incomes rise since the president took office.

Here’s my question:  when does Washington get squeezed?

Think about it.  Year after year, the federal government spends far more than it takes in, sustains a tax code that leaves middle-class families overtaxed, and imposes regulations that force small business owners to carry the lion’s share of the burden.

To change this, Republicans have cut spending, stopped tax hikes, and made it easier to pay for college. We’re ready to do more, and have passed more than 45 jobs bills to lower costs and restore opportunity.  But they’re being blocked by the very same Senate Democrats who promised to help the middle class.

The president made this his cause  – many times.  He owes an explanation to families in Southwest Ohio and across America who are waiting for him and his party to act.

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