What Do Bricks and Menus Have in Common?

What do bricks and menus have in common?

Believe it or not, both have been targeted by the Obama administration’s top-down, government-knows-best approach that has left the American people feeling frustrated and voiceless.

“In the People’s House, we hear you,” says House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA). “We hear you, and we’re working on an agenda for a more confident America – that trusts ‘We the People’ to make our own decisions for ourselves, and our families.”

As part of our efforts, we’ve recently passed two bills that don’t sound like they have all that much in common: The BRICK Act and the Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act.

But both initiatives work to address the regulatory assault this administration is attempting to impose on everyone from our local grocery stores and restaurants to small, family-owned manufacturers – including brick producers (yes, you read that right – brick producers).

As Rep. Bill Johnson’s (R-OH) BRICK Act passed the People’s House this week, Johnson noted that, “The majority of U.S. brick plants are small, family-owned operations, often located in small communities that depend on the plant for good-paying jobs. … Forcing them to comply with a costly, job-killing rule that is still pending in the courts makes absolutely no sense. I am glad my House colleagues agreed and joined with me to pass the BRICK Act.”

On recent passage of her initiative that gives restaurants, grocers, and convenience stores the freedom to provide nutrition information in a way consistent with how they operate and how their customers actually place orders, McMorris Rodgers says, “This is really about trusting Americans through their elected representatives to make the best decisions and fulfill the dreams that they have.”

Remember, these examples are why House Republicans are building a bold agenda for a more confident America, produced for the people by the people’s representatives. As part of our efforts, we’re focused on restoring the “We the People” mandate in our Constitution because our voices are being stifled by an executive branch that thinks it “knows best.”

Says McMorris Rodgers, “That’s why the work that we are doing is so important this year: to build an agenda that is going to restore a confident America so that every American is going to feel secure in their lives and in their futures because their voices are being heard and reflected through their elected representatives. As we present a bold, forward-looking agenda, we must restore the Constitutional, ‘We the People’ mandate. This is part of the choice that we will be offering America as we move forward in 2016.”