WH Deputy Counsel Details Chairman Schiff’s History Of Misrepresenting The Facts

DEPUTY COUNSEL PHILBINThat was in March of 2017, when Chairman Schiff, as ranking member of HPSCI, was telling the public, the American public, that he had more than circumstantial evidence through his position on HPSCI that President Trump’s campaign had colluded with Russia. Now of course, the Mueller Report, as Mr. Sekulow pointed out, after $32 million and over 500 search warrants – roughly 500 search warrants – determined that there was no collusion, that that wasn’t true. We wanted to point these things out simply because, for this reason: Chairman Schiff has made so much of the House’s case about the credibility of interpretations that the House Managers want to place on not hard evidence, but on inferences. They want to tell you what President Trump thought, they want to tell you, “don’t believe what Zelensky said, we can tell you what Zelensky actually thought. Don’t believe what the other Ukrainians actually said about not being pressured, we can tell you what they actually thought.” That it is very relevant to know whether the assessments of evidence he has presented in the past are accurate, and we would submit they have not been and that that is relevant for your consideration.