We’ll Call That Bluff…

In her press conference this morning, Nancy Pelosi said that “there are some Republicans that are very nervous” about an impeachment vote being brought to the Floor of the House.

Her refusal to call for a vote is evidence that she wants to ram this impeachment through, without care of the facts. In previous impeachment inquiries, the House has held votes to adopt procedures and parameters that provide protection for witnesses and for the minority, and outline how the process can be conducted appropriately. The fact that she’s unwilling to do this proves that she’s intent on pursuing a partisan impeachment so that the American people never get a chance to learn the facts, and Republicans don’t have the opportunity to ask key questions about the investigation.

The comments from her today don’t make sense. Leader McCarthy introduced one, but two privileged resolutions where House Republicans went on-the-record to rebuke the Speaker for initiating an impeachment inquiry without having a vote before the full House.

House Republicans are calling Speaker Pelosi’s bluff. She should bring this to the floor for a vote.

Another reason she’s unwilling to have a vote is so she can protect her members from being forced to support an effort that’s meant to undermine the will of the American people, and because there are a number of members in her own caucus that are still not on board:

  • The Daily Caller: “Democratic Rep. warns that all his party has coming is ‘A failed impeachment’”

It’s Speaker Pelosi, not House Republicans, who is afraid of having an up-or-down vote on impeachment, because she knows that it would only jeopardize her end-goal, which is the impeaching of the President.