Welcome to the “Summer of Impeachment”

Heading into the August Recess, there’s only one thing on House Democrats’ minds: pandering to their radical base by trying to impeach President Trump.

Just a few days after heading home, a torrent of additional Democrats – including at least one member of Speaker Pelosi’s leadership team – announced their support for a baseless impeachment inquiry.

The tally now sits at 112, which is just a few members short of being a majority of their caucus. That’s a direct repudiation of Speaker Pelosi’s leadership and an endorsement of the “Squad’s” strategy.

Spoiler: The latest polling shows only 21 percent of registered voters say there is enough evidence for impeachment, which is a six-point drop from June, and proof that nearly 4/5 of Americans want Congress to focus on addressing issues that actually matter.

While Democrats are lining up behind the “intellectual leaders” of their party, here’s what they’ve failed to accomplish:

  • Secure the border and address the humanitarian crisis
  • Bring the USMCA up for a vote to put American workers first
  • Pass the Born Alive Act to protect the most vulnerable among us

Bottom line: House Democrats have made it clear that pandering to their far-left base takes priority over delivering results for their constituents. Without any accomplishments to tout, they’ll spend the summer trying to explain why impeachment has become their entire agenda.