We Just Can’t Seem to Stop Talking About This

By now, the State of the Union address probably feels like ages ago, but we just can’t seem to stop talking about it.

That’s because we’ve got a lot to talk about:

Snap of the Union

One of the first Snapchat account holders on Capitol Hill, the House Republican Conference has the only staff of its kind in Congress, which conducts research to position House Republicans ahead of many digital engagement trends.

This year, we launched our “Snap of the Union” effort, which offered a behind-the-scenes view of the State of the Union address to our Snapchat followers. By the end of 24 hours, our entire “Snap of the Union” Snap Story included 52 “Snaps” – yes, we more than doubled the White House – and our viewership doubled over previous “Snaps.”

Said House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers: “At Conference, we’ve always focused on letting innovation and new technologies guide us in developing new ways to connect with the American people where their conversations happen and on the platforms they use with one another.”

As we roll out a number of new initiatives this year, we hope you’ll follow along. Until then, make sure you take a moment to watch our full Snap Story BY CLICKING HERE.

#WethePeople in the Balcony

While it’s often said that the State of the Union address is the “President’s night,” we firmly believe it’s the American people’s night.

So this year, House Republican Conference launched, “We the People in the Balcony,” to highlight the citizen heroes who travel from all corners of America to the nation’s capital for this special occasion.

“We the People in the Balcony” turned out to be one of our most moving social media efforts in Conference history, shattering previous comparable analytics and topping our list as one of the highest-performing Facebook albums Conference has produced.

Spanish-Language Response to the Nation

Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart delivered this year’s Spanish-Language Republican Address to the Nation.  Leading up to Diaz-Balart’s address, we thought we’d get to know this Florida Congressman a little better, so we featured, “10 Things You [Probably] Didn’t Know About Mario Diaz-Balart.”  If you didn’t catch it, we recommend you take a moment to read it by CLICKING HERE.

In total, the Spanish-Language Republican Address more than quadrupled the amount of traffic it received compared to previous years.

But, wait — there’s more.

United together, House Republicans have started sharing our positive vision for America.

In 2016, we’re offering a clear choice for the American people, where “We the People” are trusted to make our own decisions and pursue our own dreams.

As Chair McMorris Rodgers puts it,That’s why the work that we are doing is so important this year: to build an agenda that is going to restore a confident America, so that every American is going to feel secure in their lives and in their futures because their voices are being heard and reflected through their elected representatives. … As we present a bold, forward-looking agenda, we must restore the Constitutional, ‘We the People’ mandate. This is part of the choice that we will be offering America as we move forward in 2016.”