On Washington Post’s PowerPost: Rep. Susan Brooks – House Republicans Have Acted on Zika Virus

In her latest op-ed published this morning on the Washington Post’s PowerPost, Rep. Susan W. Brooks (R-IN) calls for a proactive response in the fight against Zika. Brooks presses for improvements to make our responses to biological threats and public health emergencies are much faster and urges for a longer-term approach instead of continually reacting to crisis after crisis. 

As someone who has been active in this fight, Rep. Brooks introduced bipartisan legislation last February that fosters private sector innovation in vaccines and treatment to combat the Zika Virus.

Here are some highlights of Rep. Brook’s op-ed.
On a Proactive Response

“It is imperative that we work with our private sector partners to encourage the development of vaccines and therapies, otherwise known as medical counter-measures, for material threats like Ebola, anthrax, and the other deadly pathogens determined by the Department of Homeland Security to be national security threats.”

“It’s time to bolster the underlying biodefense enterprise so that when the next threat presents itself, we’re ready.”

On Sensibly Funding the Fight against Zika

“The bulk of the funding in our proposal comes from existing, unused dollars allocated to our Ebola response efforts and the Department of Health and Human Services administrative budget.”

Our work doesn’t end there. The House and Senate will continue to work together to finalize a package of funding that is responsible and timely, and will help equip our country to meet the threat of Zika virus.”
Read the full op-ed here.