Volker: We Did An Awful Lot To Support Ukraine

MR. CASTOR: You believe America’s policy toward Ukraine has been strengthened during your tenure as the special representative?

AMB. VOLKER: Absolutely. When I look back at the record, I think we did an awful lot to support Ukraine.

CASTOR: Would you say that’s in part due to President Trump?

VOLKER: President Trump approved each of the decisions made along the way, providing lethal defensive equipment and the non-recognition statement on Crimea being two of the most important ones.

CASTOR: And for many years there had been an initiative in the interagency to advocate for lethal defensive weaponry for Ukraine, is that correct?

VOLKER: That is correct.

CASTOR: And it wasn’t until President Trump and his administration came in that that went through.

VOLKER: That is correct.