Volker Received No “Indication Whatsoever Or Anything That Resembled A Quid Pro Quo”

CASTOR:Mr. Zeldin asked you in the deposition that in no way, shape or form in readouts from the United States or Ukraine did you receive any indication whatsoever or anything that resembled a quid pro quo, is that correct?

AMB. VOLKER: That’s correct.

CASTOR: And the same would — would go for this new allegation of bribery? 

VOLKER: I’ve only seen an allegation of bribery in the last week.

CASTOR: It’s the same comment and set of facts, it’s just instead of quid pro quo now it’s bribery. 

VOLKER: I was never involved in anything that I considered to be bribery at all.

CASTOR: Or extortion? 

VOLKER: Or extortion.