Volker And Morrison Testify No One Asked Them To Bribe Or Extort Anyone At Anytime

REP. NUNES: Mr. Morrison, I’ll start with you. Did anyone ever ask you to bribe or extort anyone at anytime during your time in the White House?

MR. MORRISON: No, sir.

REP. NUNES: And you were the top person for Ukraine in the White House, correct? At the NSC level?

MORRISON: I would argue Ambassador Bolton would be but —

REP. NUNES: — Reporting to Ambassador Bolton.

MORRISON: I was a senior official. Yes, sir.

REP. NUNES: Ambassador Volker, you have a storied career, we’re very thankful for your service. And you were the Special Envoy to Ukraine?

AMB. VOLKER: That is correct.

REP. NUNES: Did anyone at the White House ever ask you to bribe or extort anything out of anyone at anytime?

VOLKER: No, sir.