On USA Today: Rep. Tom Cole, “Don’t Worry, We’ll Fund Zika Fight”

The House remains committed to combating the Zika Virus and preventing it from becoming a public health crisis in the United States. Rep. Tom Cole’s (R-OK), as chairman of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services, has been a champion for sensible funding to fight Zika.

In a recent op-ed in USA Today, Rep. Cole focuses on the importance of being strategic and responsible with funding – not reckless with initiatives that spend a lot, but accomplish little. 

In case you missed it, here are some highlights from Rep. Cole’s op-ed.
On the Democrats and Obama Administration

Never has the administration been strapped for funds to deal with Ebola or Zika. When the president requested Ebola money, he got it.”

“Sadly, Democrats claim that Republicans are heartlessly raiding the Ebola crisis fund. Remember though, when Congress appropriated nearly $5.5 billion, that money was for multiple years.”
On Responsible Funding

“Today’s reality is that even after shifting funds from Ebola to deal with Zika, the fund still has more than $1.46 billion in it. Since additional funds used for Zika will be repaid, that’s more than enough to finance all the planned Ebola research for the foreseeable future.”
“While we listen to scientists, we also listen to economists who tell us that adding to the national debt when it is unnecessary is irresponsible. In this case, we have the money, time and ability to deal with Zika and keep watch over Ebola in a thoughtful and prudent way.”
Read the full op-ed here.