Two visions for this country

One of the most important duties of leaders is to listen — to hear the stories and concerns of Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life, and then to act. As House Republicans have met with people across this country, it’s clear that policies like tax reform have made a huge difference in so many lives.

Historic low unemployment, a manufacturing boom, and wage increases are no small thing. For millions, it means getting ahead when for so long they were barely getting by.

So it’s disturbing to say the least that there is a party that looks at these positive changes with disdain. Let’s not forget that Democrats referred to tax reform — the very tax reform that increased paychecks, lowered utility rates in 50 states, and led to millions of dollars in community investments — as a scam. They also called it Evil in the extreme.” “The worst bill in the history of the United States Congress.” “The death of America.” “Armageddon.” “Akin to rape.

Comparing policies that helped families save money to rape and the end of the world is not only offensive, it’s insulting to the American people’s intelligence.

Now, Democrats are talking about #WhatsAtStake and being #ForThePeople after standing in the way of positive change for the past two years. What they really mean when they talk about being #ForThePeople is deciding what’s best for them.

At the end of the day, it comes down to two visions for this country. Republicans have a vision for a booming economy, safer communities, and a stronger military, and policies that empower Americans to make the best decisions for themselves, their businesses, and their families. Democrats have a goal of government-dictated programs and policies that will limit choices, bust budgets, and leave middle-class families behind.

This is #WhatsAtStake.