Turley: This Is Not How You Impeach An American President

PROFESSOR JONATHAN TURLEY: This impeachment would rival the Johnson Impeachment as the shortest in history depending on how one counts the relevant days. There are three commonalities when you look at these past cases. All involved established crimes. This would be the first impeachment in history where there would be considerable debate and, in my view, not compelling evidence of the commission of a crime. Second is the abbreviated period of this investigation, which is problematic and puzzling. This is a facially incomplete and inadequate record in order to impeach a president. Allow me to be candid in my closing remarks because we have limited time. We are living in the very period described by Alexander Hamilton, a period of agitated passions. I get it. You’re mad. The president is mad. My Republican friends are mad. My Democratic friends are mad. My wife is mad. My kids are mad. Even my dog seems mad, and Luna is a goldendoodle and they don’t get mad. So we’re all mad. Where has that taken us? Will a slipshod impeachment make us less mad? Will it only invite an invitation for the madness to follow every future administration — that is why this is wrong. It’s not wrong because President Trump is right. his call was anything but perfect. It’s not wrong because the House has no legitimate reason to investigate Ukrainian controversy. It’s not wrong because we’re in an election year. There is no good time for an impeachment. No, it’s wrong because this is not how you impeach an American President. This case is not a case of the unknowable, it’s a case of the peripheral. We have a record of conflicts, defenses that have not been fully considered, un-subpoenaed witness with material evidence. to impeach a president on this record would expose every future president to the same type of inchoate impeachment.