Turley: Democrats Lack Evidence, “Thinnest Record” For Impeachment Ever

COUNSEL PAUL TAYLOR: Professor Turley, would you agree that the evidence compiled to date by House Democrats during these current impeachment proceedings fails to meet the standard of clear and convincing evidence? 

PROFESSOR JONATHAN TURLEYI do by considerable measure.

COUNSEL PAUL TAYLORNow let me turn again to the book “To End A Presidency.” In that book, the authors state the following, “except in the most extraordinary circumstances impeaching with a partial or plausibly contested understanding of the key facts is a bad idea.” Professor Turley, do you think that impeaching in this case would constitute impeaching with a partial or plausibly contested understanding of key facts?

PROFESSOR JONATHAN TURLEYI think that is clear, because this is one of the thinnest records to ever go forward on impeachment, and the Johnson record, once again, we can debate, because that was the fourth attempt at impeachment, but this is certainly the thinnest of the modern record. And if you are looking at the size of the record of Clinton and Nixon, they were massive in comparison to this which is almost wafer thin in comparison. And it has left doubts, not just doubts in the minds of the people supporting President Trump, but in the minds of people like myself about what actually occurred. There is a difference between requesting investigations, and a quid pro quo. You need to stick the landing on the quid pro quo. You need to get the evidence to support it. It might be out there, i don’t know. But it is not in this record.