Trump Administration takes decisive action to expand telehealth for Medicare recipients

Yesterday, the Trump Administration announced an expansion of telehealth coverage for Medicare beneficiaries to allow them to receive healthcare services without having to travel to a healthcare facility.

This announcement is a huge development in protecting the health and safety of those who are most vulnerable during the coronavirus pandemic. Seniors are now allowed to stay home and avoid the risk of exposure while still being able to receive the care they need.

  • Associated Press: “To keep seniors safe at home, Medicare expands telemedicine”
  • Fox News: “Top Medicare administrator says White House expanding telehealth services for seniors amid coronavirus”
  • Axios: “Medicare issues new telehealth flexibility amid coronavirus crisis”

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), “Prior to this waiver Medicare could only pay for telehealth on a limited basis: when the person receiving the service is in a designated rural area and when they leave their home and go to a clinic, hospital, or certain other types of medical facilities for the service.” Now, this service is expanded for all Medicare beneficiaries to receive common office visits, mental health counseling, and preventative health screenings all from the comfort and safety of their own home.

Bottom Line: By granting this waiver, Medicare recipients will be able to remain home where they will be able to limit their chances of exposure to the coronavirus, while still getting the care they need.