“Toward an Alliance of Hope”: 7 Quotes from PM Abe’s Address

This morning in the House Chamber, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe became the first Japanese leader to address a joint meeting of Congress. The 45 minute speech was titled “Toward an Alliance of Hope.”

Here are 7 important quotes from Abe’s address:

1. “It is because of our strong belief in democratic principles and ideas that Japan associates herself with a free nation of the world.

2. “My dear friends, on behalf of Japan and the Japanese people, I offer with profound respect my eternal condolences to the souls of all american people that was lost during World War II.”

3. “It was Japan that received the biggest benefit from the very beginning by the economic system that the U.S. has fostered by opening up its own market and calling for a liberal world economy.”

4. “As for U.S.-Japan negotiations, the goal is near. Let us bring the TPP to a successful conclusion through our joint leadership.”

5.  “We must make sure human security will be preserved in addition to national security. That’s our belief, firm and solid.”

6. “Proactive contribution to peace based on the principle of international cooperation should lead Japan along its road for the future.”

7.  “Ladies and gentlemen, the finest asset the U.S. has to give to the world was hope, is hope, will be, and must always be hope … let us call the U.S.-Japan alliance, an alliance of hope.”

Watch is the historic address in its entirety: