Top Democrats Refuse to Rebuke “Defund the Police” Movement

Top Democrats like Speaker Pelosi and Joe Biden have still refused to rebuke the “defund the police” movement, even while police officers and law enforcement officials find themselves under assault in cities across the country. Today’s Wall Street Journal op-ed goes into detail about how lawless protesters actually targeted the home of Seattle’s police chief, forcing the chief to urge the city’s mayor and city council to step up “and denounce the behavior before ‘this devolves into the new way of doing business by mob rule.'”

This comes after the city’s Mayor proposed a $20M cut to the Seattle police, which is not as extreme as the city council where one member called for cutting $85M from the department even though the Mayor’s office has said that cuts that deep would create, “no alternative approaches when individuals call 911.” These dangerous calls are not just happening in Seattle. As the White House detailed yesterday, a number of cities where leaders have called for defunding the police have also seen disturbing increases in homicides this year:

These statistics show in tragic terms the impact of the Democrats’ defund the police movement, and how crucial it is that we support our law enforcement agencies who keep our communities safe.