Top 9 Takeaways from the 2019 NDAA

May 23, 2018 | COMMUNICATIONS •

Our brave men and women in uniform sacrifice everything to protect our freedom and way of life. As they face determined enemies, it is our duty as Congress to ensure that they are fully equipped to do their jobs as safely and effectively as possible. They deserve the full support of the people they are risking their lives to protect.

For 57 straight years, with presidents and congressional majorities from both parties, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) has been signed into law.

“It is so important, maybe even more now than it has been in the past, for our troops and for the world to see that unity in support of our men and women in uniform and in support of strengthening American national security.”

-House Armed Services Committee Chair Mac Thornberry

As our servicemen and women stand at our defense, it is our honor and responsibility to support and care for them. We owe them the best equipment, the best training, and the best support we can possibly provide (TWEET THIS).

That’s exactly what this legislation accomplishes.

Here are the top 9 things you should know about the FY 2019 NDAA Bill

  1. It supports a necessary increase in topline funding to support our troops and readiness recovery consistent with President Trump’s commitment to rebuilding the military.
  2. It provides a pay raise of 2.6% for our troops (largest in 9 years).
  3. It increases the size of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Naval and Air Reserve, as well as Air Guard.
  4. It makes major reforms in Pentagon bureaucracy and streamlines buying practices.
  5. It increases funding to rebuild our military and support readiness recovery.
    • Increases funding for training in each of the Services.
    • $18.5 billion to begin to rehabilitate and replace worn out Army equipment.
    • $39.4 billion to begin to overcome the crisis in military aviation by getting more aircraft in the air.
    • $36.0 billion to restore America’s strength at sea.
    • $23.3 billion to sustain, repair and rebuild crumbling military buildings and other infrastructure.
  6. It makes critical investments in missile defense and our nuclear deterrent, which is the cornerstone of our national security.
  7. It makes key investments in other critical military capabilities to confront aggression and address threats around the world (including threats from Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran).
  8. It authorizes funding for co-development and co-production of missile defense and weapons systems with our key ally, Israel.
  9. It advances innovative technologies that will reform the way we will fight and win wars.

This legislation is strongly bipartisan and the result of numerous visits with troops and at facilities across the country and around the world, and the testimony of Secretary Mattis, Chairman Dunford, and other senior commanders and national security experts.

Repairing and rebuilding our military is key to defending our country, but it’s also the number one way we can care for our troops —  men and women who have chosen to protect us (TWEET THIS).